Welcome to Fairware's Lanyard Lending Library

Years ago, we decided to set up a small lending library for lanyards. It was our effort to look at how the ‘sharing economy’ might come to life in the promotional products and green events industry.

Our experiment worked and we have been lending lanyards to the social justice, enviromental and impact business community since 2011.

It’s simple, we manage a library of several thousand lanyards that we lend out for free (you cover the shipping) and you save money, reduce the footprint of your event and get the lanyards back to us where they’re washed and prepped for the next event.

The fine print? We ask that you take care of shipping costs, post photos from your event and tag @fairware and #lanyardlibrary and then return at least 85% of your borrow.

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Why should you participate?

1. You’ll save money by borrowing our lanyards instead of purchasing your own

2. The environmental footprint of your event will be reduced

3. Your commitment to sustainability will be demonstrated to delegates

4. Your event and organization will be promoted by Fairware

Interested in using our lanyards at your next event?

Fill out the form below to see if you qualify!

A credit card deposit for your borrow will be required on it's approval and you will be contacted by a member of our team for that information.
While it's likely a number of the lanyards will go missing, our expectation is that more than 85% will be returned to us.
If your borrow is returned with more than 85% of the total lanyards your deposit will be refunded. If less than 85% of your total borrow is returned you can expect to be charged $2.50 per missing lanyard (covered by the deposit) and any difference will be invoiced or refunded accordingly.

Have more questions?

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